• Fatigue is back!  4-5PM naps essential.  Nausea less common, although comes if I don’t eat regularly (still).  NO MORE VOMITING!!!
  • Tinges of back pain, but comes and goes.
  • First appointment with Veronica, antenatal trainer.  Most disgusting moment: having to perform ‘slow twitch Kegels’ using anal sphincter.  Anal! Sphincter! Ew.
  • Learned about diastasis recti and how to identify it.


  • Sleeping/awake cat rattles are my first nursery purchase. Also bought ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’!!!
  • Sue bought us a teddy bear which is waiting for a shelf.
  • Checked out the Strandmon chair from IKEA which can be converted into a rocker if someone has the skills….(Marc).  Although I’ve read that its height isn’t great for getting up from, I found the Poang rocker quite comfortable too.
  • Sus has offered us her cot, changing table, high chair, and car seat!  Would be great to have her car seat for the Bullet and we can buy a new one for Robbie.  Will need new cot mattress I think. Need to get measurements from Sus.


  • First hospital appointment is 19th November, next week.  Not sure if we get the tour then, but will get first bout of paperwork done and will be ‘in the system’ I think.
  • Checking out Hypnobirthing Hub and will download free trial.  I don’t imagine that a pain-free labor is possible really, but am attracted to the idea of being able to manage fear and anxiety using my own resources.  I’m also not against drugs to manage pain, but again would like to explore using my own resources of mind and imagination.


  • I’m working from home (currently ‘working from home’ because I’m writing this) today. 🙂
  • Contract extension is in the works; Annette was great about everything.  So now I just have to get the forms from HR and work out how many months I want to take off.